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Georgia Appeals: Practice and Procedure with Forms

September 19, 2013
Michael B. Terry

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Georgia Appeals: Practice and Procedure with Forms, by Michael B. Terry, is a guide to handling appeals in the Court of Appeals of Georgia and the Supreme Court of Georgia.  It addresses preservation of appellate issues in the trial courts.

Provides understandable, clear assistance to the attorney handling his or her first appeal,

Gives context and nuance to the more experienced appellate advocate appearing in the Georgia appellate system for the first time

Delivers up-to-date analysis for the busy, experienced Georgia appellate practitioner.

Includes sample documents in print and on CD (briefs, motions, petitions, requests, petitions) useful in the appeals process.

Is available in digital format. Downloadable eBook included in your purchase. This digital version of Georgia Appeals: Practice and Procedure with Forms  is in EPUB format,with hyperlinks to full text of cases, statutes and other authoritative content. We recommend Apple® iPad® or iPhone®, SONY® Reader, or Adobe® Digital Editions (for PC or Mac users).

Chapters Include:

Workings of the Georgia Appellate Courts

The“Two Term Rule” and its Impact

Fundamental Principles of Error Preservation

Preservation of Objections to Comments and Arguments of Counsel

Preservation  of Objection to Judicial Comments

Preservation of Objections to Jury Instructions

Preservation of Objections to Verdict Forms and Inconsistent Verdicts

Preservation of Objections to Insufficiency of the Evidence or Invalid Legal Theories

from the Pretrial Order through Trial

Preservation of Error and Waiver in the Appellate Courts Appealable Judgments and Orders

Notice of Appeal

Supersedeas and Supersedeas Bond

Transcripts and the Record on Appeal


Briefs of Appellant—Due Date, Structure and Contents of Opening and Reply Briefs

Brief of Appellee—Due Date, Structure and Contents

Supplemental Briefs and Amicus Briefs

Motions Practice in Georgia Appellate Courts

Requests for Oral Argument

Scheduling,Time Limits and Procedures for Oral Argument

Preparing for Oral Argument

Petitions for Certiorari to the Supreme Court of Georgia

Petitions for Certiorari to the United States Supreme Court 

Press Inquiries


Practice Areas