Built To Win - Strategic Advantage

“Our success is no accident. We set out to build
a firm of extraordinary trial lawyers focused
on winning high-stakes business litigation.
And that is exactly what we have done.” – Mickey Mixson

Some firms are structured to bill lots of hours. Ours is built to win high-stakes business litigation. And we do.

At Bondurant Mixson & Elmore, our goal is to achieve client objectives. To that end, we have structured the firm to give our clients the greatest potential for achieving a successful outcome. Specifically:

  • We focus on business litigation. It's what we do. It’s all we do—across the country, for both plaintiffs and defendants. This singular focus produces more effective litigators who understand what it takes to win significant business disputes.
  • We recruit, train and retain top talent. Our lawyers graduated at the top of their classes from the nation’s finest law schools. Virtually all have served as judicial law clerks, giving them an insider's look at what it takes to win. We hire lawyers intending that they will become partners in the firm. We intensively train our lawyers and invest in their professional development. Our policy of not hiring laterally combined with exceptionally low lawyer turnover means that our cases are staffed with knowledgeable, experienced lawyers who will see your case to its conclusion.  
  • We staff cases to win. Most of our cases are staffed by a small number of lawyers who perform all of the work on the case. The benefit of this model is that the lawyers who will be drafting briefs, taking depositions, arguing motions or conducting trials are thoroughly familiar with the clients, facts, legal research, documents, deposition testimony and case strategy. Staffing this way means our lawyers are better prepared to perform any task, such as drafting winning briefs and making winning arguments. And, just as important, this approach costs our clients less than having an army of lawyers performing discrete tasks in relative isolation.
  • We use technology intelligently. Because our cases often involve millions of documents, numerous witnesses, and multiple parties, we use case and document management software where appropriate to leverage our lawyers and our talented litigation support professionals to efficiently and effectively organize and manage each case. Additionally, our lawyers are experienced in courtroom presentation tools and know how to use them to present complex subject matters to judges and juries.
  • We share your focus on results. In fact, we welcome billing arrangements that tie our compensation to the outcome of our work. See Fees that make sense.