La Pyramide Inversée

The Inverted Pyramid located in the Grand Louvre in Paris, France has been described as a “remarkable anti-structure.” It visually represents how Bondurant Mixson & Elmore has turned the traditional “pyramid” model law firm upside down.  

The traditional pyramid model law firm features large classes of associates at the bottom and a smaller number of partners at the top. 

Bondurant Mixson is structured as an inverted pyramid with more partners than associates and with all of our lawyers focusing exclusively on high-stakes business litigation. This model means leaner staffing and more senior level attention. It allows our associates to perform substantive litigation tasks early in their careers and gain experience quickly. It helps us retain skilled and experienced lawyers. It requires the investment in and intelligent use of time saving technology. And it produces better results at a lower overall cost for our clients.

While some of these concepts have recently become more popular, Bondurant Mixson has used the inverted pyramid model for over 40 years, because it is better for our clients, better for our lawyers, and better for achieving favorable results.