Litigation Practice - Cyber & Digital Litigation

“Kamal’s experience leading some of the most sophisticated cyber cases in the country will be an asset to clients trying to navigate the wide spectrum of legal challenges that cyber threats present” – John Floyd

Cybercriminals, foreign governments, and other opportunistic actors continue to target American businesses, municipal governments, and even individuals with sophisticated cyber-attacks.  Whether it’s company insiders, the latest malware strain, online extortion, or a foreign-based threat actor, cyber threats continue to grow. Our Cyber & Digital Litigation practice includes a former U.S. Department of Justice cybercrime prosecutor, seasoned litigators with experience in highly-technical complex litigation, and attorneys well-versed in crisis response. We react to crises quickly, effectively manage highly-technical forensic investigations, and interface with regulators while protecting the client’s business and reputation. We excel at assessing litigation risk, and where necessary, initiating litigation to protect clients facing the loss of sensitive data or harm due to misconduct. Our services include:

  • Defending or initiating litigation involving data breaches, trade secret theft, or business disputes relating to data security;
  • Responding to cyber-incidents and assisting clients in meeting legal notification obligations;
  • Conducting and overseeing highly-technical internal investigations following potential cyber-incidents;
  • Advising on cyber-litigation risk and exposure;
  • Representing clients facing government investigations including inquiries from state regulators, the Federal Trade Commission, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Secret Service, and administrative bodies;
  • Advising clients on cyber-insurance coverage issues; and
  • Making targeted referrals to law enforcement where appropriate.