Kamal Ghali - Trial Experience

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Kamal Ghali is an experienced trial lawyer and a former federal prosecutor and deputy chief at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Atlanta. He is a battle-tested courtroom advocate and trial lawyer, with substantial first-chair experience in high-stakes federal jury trials. His trial experience ranges from first-chairing a complex multi-defendant, multi-week corruption trial in Atlanta to litigating a massive commercial trial in the aviation industry in New York.

He served as a federal prosecutor in the U.S. Department of Justice for over six years as an Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) in Atlanta. As an AUSA, he represented the U.S. as lead counsel in over 100 matters, led dozens of grand jury investigations, led dozens of evidentiary hearings, and first-chaired and co-prosecuted numerous jury and bench trials. He earned commendations for his litigation skills including from the FBI Director, the Deputy Attorney General (Director’s Award), the U.S. Attorney in Atlanta, and the Recording Industry Association of America.

  • US v. Shaw et al (NDGA) - 5 week jury trial of a wire fraud and money laundering case involving $600 million in currency sales;
  • US v. Bercoon et al (NDGA) - 3 week jury trial involving a Title III wiretap and an FBI and SEC investigation into allegations of securities fraud and market manipulation involving a publicly traded medical services company;
  • US v. Lepore et al (NDGA) - 2 week jury trial against three corporate executives charged with bribery, honest services fraud, and obstruction of justice related to bids for government contracts in DeKalb County and the Georgia World Congress Center;
  • US v. Sylvestre (NDGA) - bank fraud and wire fraud jury trial involving a check cashing ring that exploited internal controls to perpetrate a massive fraud on a number of financial institutions in the Southeast;
  • CONFIDENTIAL ARBITRATION (ICDR) - 2 week arbitration before the International Centre for Dispute Resolution between a major airlines carrier and a part supplier in a billion dollar breach of contract dispute;
  • US v. Miller (NDGA) - international heroin trafficking jury trial involving Mexico-based sources of supply that smuggled heroin into the U.S. by using a network of elderly women as drug couriers;
  • US v. Stuart et al (NDGA) - jury trial involving two "sovereign citizens" charged with bank fraud, structuring, and retaliating against an IRS employee;
  • US v. Bendelladj et al (NDGA) - 5-day contested sentencing hearing before district judge on complex issues of how botnets operate, global impact of SpyEye (a pernicious malware that inflicted nearly a billion dollars in losses worldwide), and the role of one Russian and one Algerian defendant in distributing and developing the malware.
  • US v. Brooks (NDGA) - 5-day contested sentencing hearing before district judge in high-profile public corruption prosecution of former member of the Georgia General Assembly;
  • US v. Williams (NDGA) - bench trial and supervised release revocation of defendant convicted of calling in a bomb threat to an airport;
  • Shaw v. Centrarchy (NDGA) - 5-day jury trial involving allegations of civil rights violations in public accommodations.